Sidelines: 2010-10-08

Hello Friday!  Actually, I hope it’s Friday as these days are rushing by.  With another Regionals weekend starting soon and one that just went by you can be sure that there’ll be Regionals specific content in these weekly updates.

Covered in the short list this week:

  • Photos from NW Regionals by Alex Yuen
  • Update post from Seattle Riot about the NW Regionals Win
  • ATV Frisbee Fetchin’
  • NW Mixed Finals
  • Philly Fusion Update
  • Bear Ninja Cowgirl
  • WFDF Updates
  • Ridgemont Ultimate Tournament in Ottawa
  • USA Ultimate 2010 College Photos
  • Sockeye vs Revolver NW Regionals Finals

Come to think of it…that’s not all that short of a list.

NW Regionals Photos

Once again Alex Yuen brings us a fantastic set of images of NW Regionals.

Seattle Riot Update Post on their NW Regionals Win

Simply the best!

I think that section title says it all but a long post with a quick recap on some stats at the end make it a good read.

ATV Frisbee Fetchin’

I spent some time in West Virginia as a youth.  I also played Ultimate in Morgantown at the start of the millennium.  I hope it explains why I find the following incredibly appealing:


Also, they’re using an Aerobie rather than a disc but I’m not complainin’.

NW Mixed Finals

A video has surfaced of Polar Bears engaging Mischief in Ripon, California.


Philly Fusion

Contrary to popular belief The Huddle is not going away or really on much of a hiatus.  There’s a fantastic feature on Philly Fusion available now.


In a similar vein to Philly Fusion Disc NW is hosting a hat tournament for girls in grades 8 through 12.  Each team is coached by a member of Seattle Riot, Seattle Underground, or Element (UW University team).

It’s a fantastic opportunity and it’s a huge step in growing Women’s Ultimate.  Results will take a while to come in but we can be assured that girls that start playing at this tournament will someday be World Champions.

WFDF Updates

While motions could not be passed directly in Prague due to a lack of due process the items discussed have started to filter through.  A few weeks ago Beach Ultimate was recognized as a WFDF Sport.

This week the U23 event held in Florence was officially recognized as a WFDF event.  A new policy for Junior events has also passed and that is that all WFDF Juniors events must now be alcohol free.

Ridgemont Ultimate Tournament

Getting kids started young is important and leagues such as OCUA and sponsors like DareDevil Discs recognize that by sponsoring the Ridgemont Ultimate Tournament.

CBC News also shot the following piece:


USA Ultimate 2010 College Photos

Andrew Davis has released a gallery of his “Selects”; images that are considered amongst his best.

Sockeye vs Revolver NW Open Finals

In the comments below Pumba added the following:

Just a note: there exists full video of the Sockeye-Revolver NW finals:


Its kinda far away, but you can see the cutting schemes from the top which is cool :)

(I definitely would have wanted to see the Rhino-Furious Game to Go but havent heard of any video of that.)

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  1. I really like this POV. Seeing the cutting and defensive schemes is very helpful.

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