Sidelines: 2010-09-03

There’s quite a few fun Ultimate related things that won’t fit into a full post that I’ll start putting into weekly or biweekly “Sideline” posts.

This week:

  • A highlight reel
  • Labor Day
  • Central Park
  • T-Shirts
  • Training Camp

A Highlight Reel

Many of you will have seen the following highlight reel that has put together.  Taken from several years of Ultimate going back to 2007 it’s just a snippet of the high quality videos that Rob produces.


Labo(u)r Day

Labor Day Championships is this weekend in Santa Cruz, California and many USA Finals teams are using it as a warmup and final tryout session.  This is an important tournament for West Coast teams as they’ll see each other in the games to go at Regionals.  The Women’s schedule shows Fury and Riot topping the top of each of their pools.  Lotus and Traffic are seeded 3rd and 4th respectively.  The Open schedule has Revolver and Sockeye at the top of their pools with Furious seeded a low 9th.  Emerald City Ultimate will be quite exciting to watch as they’re a team that shows promise heading into the season.  ECU will be in Chicago next weekend as well so check them out if you’re there.

Lotus is taking the following roster to Santa Cruz:

  • Alyson Walker
  • Carla DiFilippo
  • Danielle Fortin
  • Dom Rioux
  • Heather Adams
  • Jaime Boss
  • Kaitlyn (Hoodie) Lovatt
  • Kate Cavallaro
  • Kate Crump
  • Kristin (Rookie) Laurin
  • Lisa Di Diodato
  • Mal Lundgren
  • Meredith MacNaughton
  • Nat Fitzgerald
  • Sandra Shaddick
  • Sarah Kidd
  • Sarah McDonald
  • Sonia Komenda

Central Park

“The Invisible String” (A Frisbee Documentary) is heading to the US for the final part of their film and have planned on an event in Central Park NYC.  On September 25th at 1400 (2pm) head on down to the Park and bring a disc to throw around.  For more details you can visit the Big Throw blog.

Details about the film from the site:

The Frisbee® documentary “The Invisible String”

by Michael Osterhoff, Jan Baess and Greg Marter from Berlin, Germany


tells the story of the Frisbee culture from it´s early days in the 1950´s till today.

“The Invisible String” will feature:

– Interviews with long time and influential Frisbee® players

– Insights into the the sport history

– Enthralling and spectacular Frisbee® shots

– Vintage film footage donated by those who experienced the early days of the Frisbee® movement.


Sludge Online posted a link to Flat Ball Gear including some sweet shirts:

Training Camp

Finally, as Canadian Colleges and Universities return to keeping humans most occupied while they are at their most dangerous (they’re smarter, hornier, and smarter than teens plus they’re allowed to drink) the Ultimate teams return to start preparing for the Canadian Ultimate University Championships (in Ottawa).  Easterns (in Kingston) are but a few weeks away and Finals in barely a month (40 days?).

The University of Waterloo players are getting a head start by holding a training camp this week at Columbia Ice Fields.  All are welcome and you can find more details on the WODS site.

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