Manual Labor

As mentioned in our last (and first) sideline post Labor Day Ultimate Championships in Santa Cruz were this past weekend and the results point to an even more competitive Final 16 at USA Championships.

Read on for standings recap, a bit of analysis, and a Lotus update from the lovely Carla DiFilippo.


Final result:  Sockeye – Revolver…15-9.  Wow!  Both teams made it through their semis with at least a 5 point margin which show their finals day strength.  The win by Revolver is yet another notch on their belt (yes, that’s how wide a margin it is) and they’re near unstoppable with less than two months before finals.

Both Sockeye and Revolver were defeated by, respectively, Doublewide and Johnny Bravo during pool play in tight two and one point margin games.

Near unstoppable…


Pool C featured (by seed): Fury (1), Traffic, Zeitgeist, Molly Brown, Safari, and Schwa.  Pool D featured (also by seed): Riot (2), Lotus, Further, Underground, Slackjaw, and Knock Out.  Both pools had interesting upsets with Knock Out moving to third in Pool D (from 6th) but most importantly, in Pool C, Zeitgeist defeating Traffic 15-10.

With the NW division having only three bids to Finals the weekend was one of the last to work out the kinks.  The four teams most likely to vie for the three spots are:  Fury, Riot, Traffic, and Zeitgeist; all four were in attendance.  The most likely match up for the game to go at Regionals will be Zeitgeist vs Traffic and if the results from Labor Day are an indicator then Zeitgeist likely has the edge.

At this time Traffic still has a few players that are healing up from late summer injuries and it’s likely that they will negate the margin that Zeitgeist has presently.


As mentioned, THE Carla DiFilippo headed to Labor Day and has taken the time to send us her Day 1 and 2 recap as well as a few photos.

Day 1:

Lotus is attending Santa Cruz this weekend but we are cheering Capitals. Yes this is essentially the last try out before the final roster is selected.
First game of the day was against Underground. Underground is the second team from Seattle and a team that competes for a northwest bid for UPA’s if they have 4 bids. Being a tryout tournament for Caps combined with a 18 player roster we rolled lines the entire day. Personally I found this technique to be amazing. Plenty of play time plus gaining experience on O and D was a bonus. The score of the first game was 15-6.
The second game was against a college team called Further. I think they were from Oregon. Not sure though. They were a bigger challenge has they had a better huck game. We finished the game with a win 15-9.
Our third game was against Seattle’s  first team – Riot. After an ass kicking in Prague it was hard to find the mental game for this match up. We started going down 3 points. After a key time out and a great talk by the captains we turned it around and got a few breaks back. We played much better but our start to the game killed us. We lost 14-11. Much better game then Prague and now the confidence we need for UPA’s.
The last game was against Knock Out from Texas. We played a little tired and points were linger than they should have been. Again a timely time out motivated and reminded us of how we can play. We won 14-11.
Overall a great first day. Tomorrow we finish our pool play. If we win we move onto the semi’s most likely matching up against WUCC champs – Fury. That’s the reason we come- to play these great teams.

Day 2:

It was a ridiculously foggy morning in Santa Cruz. Check out the photos. You could barely see the opponents on the opposite side of the field. We had to have someone tell us if a hand was up prior to pulling.  Needless to say it was quite the experience.
Day one consisted of finishing off our pool. It was the 5th ranked team in our pool – SlackJaw from the Bay area. They had sweet Hobs jerseys. Lotus/Caps came out strong and got 3-4 breaks. It was a tough game becasue the long hucks were almost taken out due to the fact that you could not see the other end of the field. Although that did not stop us from hucking at some points throughout the game. You would just see black blob in the endzone. The final score was 15-5.
With that game under our belts we officially kept our seed finishing second in our pool. That meant we would match up against World Club champs Fury. We were pumped to play them. In the other pool Zeightgeist ended up upsetting Traffic by quite a few, I think 15-10 was the final….to take the number 2 seed. Fury came out on top.
Our Fury game started off with great intensity. We were on O and we socred after a long battle with lots of turns. Fury then got 3 breaks to go up 3-1. We came back to 3-2 and then Fury started to pull away. The score ended up being 17-5 or 6, not sure but it felt a lot closer then the score if that means anything. We had tons of opportunites to score, we caused a ton of turns but had trouble capitalizing on the turns and we made some minor mistakes that Fury punished us for. The bottom line is that we know what we need to work on in the fall and we all know and have the confidence that we can beat both Fury and Riot. Seriously, we are going to beat them! With a little fine tuning this team (Captials) is going to dominate. Look forward to some great results!!
Now off to the Blue Lagoon!! :)