CUC 2010: Maverick vs General Strike

After a few weeks of various mishaps here’s a cut of the Maverick (Black) vs General Strike (White) game that our editor Sean Robinson has pumped out.  The messy aspect ratio at the beginning is my doing.  We shot at a wide angle so that you could see the play develop and learn rather than enjoy tightly framed action.

Watch Now

Camera work by Lee “Bacon” Gonzalez.

Editing by Sean Robinson.

Thank you to the CUC 2010 Sherbrooke Organizers and Bishop’s University.

3 thoughts on “CUC 2010: Maverick vs General Strike

  1. Nice vid, bacon did a great job of shooting.
    You should embed all your vids with HTML5 instead of Flash!

    • We can’t stream in HTML5 as of yet and we’d still need to fallback to Flash as we’d have to store in OGG as well.

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