Now a word from…

Coach G-Master Wang passed this onto us with regards to his experience at CUC with OVERDRIVE (2nd in Juniors):

OverDrive played inspired ultimate over three days.  The sun is shining and we were able to drive through that West Coast Reign and come out the other side with a silver medal.  It was OD ALL DAY!

Thanks to Moondoggies, Lotus and MONSTER for your vocal support!  But just remember, as the coach, I get 10% for every player you sign to a contract.

In addition, BIG THANK YOUs go to the Toronto Ultimate Club for your support; to the parents who helped advise, chaperone and drive, Joe, Pete, Diana, Steve, Jim, Corinne, Terry, Christine, and Dave.  And finally to our secret weapons, Carla Difilippo and Evan Phillips for your involvement in training the future All Stars of Ultimate.

May the force be with you,
G-Master Wang.