CUC 2010 – Wednesday

While technically not a day of play today was a day of travel, meeting, and truly a wonderful beginning.

I started my journey yesterday and ended up in Ottawa.  I continued the journey to Sherbrooke today and arrived early enough to avoid the long lineup for my room.  Unlike Southern Ontario this part of the world (South-Eastern Quebec) has mountains that remind me of my drives through West Virginia and the Appalachians.

Every tournament involves me meeting old friends and making new ones immediately.  Wax and Fabrice were the first CUC organizing committee folks that I met here and so far I’m extremely impressed with the organization.  I’ve been hanging out with Blue (the Ultimate Canada Competition Director) quite a bit and have been allowed to witness the vast number of phone calls and emails that are flying back and forth between the committee and Ultimate Canada in order to keep things running smoothly.

The Captains’ meeting was held in the late evening just as the sun was setting onn Parc Jacques-Cartier (Jacques-Cartier Park) with Lac des Nations (Lake of Nations) as the beautiful backdrop.  This city is beautiful and welcoming which means that I’ll have to return here someday to experience what I can’t during this tournament.  The meeting itself was detailed and informative although I had trouble paying attention as Murph (Big Hammers captain), Carla (Lotus captain), and I spent most of the meeting playing with our phones and giggling like little school girls.  If it hadn’t been Ultimate it wouldn’t have been acceptable behaviour…but we found a sport and community that tolerates our shenanigans.

Throughout the day many people have complimented the previews that Jeff wrote.  That’s right folks, the number of people blogging here is increasing.  While there were a few comments with regards to additional information or changes in information the previews have me quite impressed and I look forward to read more from Jeff.

Here’s a few more points in preview:

  • In addition to Tundra the following Ultimate Experience teams are playing at CUC 2010:  BFC, Lotus, Lily, Grand Trunk, ROY, Mephisto, Storm, Mystik, and RIP.
  • Jack MacDonald hails from Kitchener, ON and was hooked on Ultimate through his High School program run by Scott Kemp of Maverick.  Jack has been playing with Too Bad this season and is usually a handler on that team.
  • I played with Luna last Saturday at London Calling and was extremely pleased at having a lady handler to play with.  She is very confident on the field and will go a long way in our sport.  When I asked when she’ll play with Lotus she replied without hesitation:  “Soon”.
  • I had dinner/beers with some Fuel guys today and they’re gunning to be in the finals with GLUM.  While they acknowledge that GLUM will be “tough” they’re itching for the win.
  • We’re aiming for a live broadcast for the Masters and Juniors finals as well.  Details closer to time and date but we may do it regardless of getting the good camera just so that there’s some content for all of you.
  • I’ve been chatting with various players and coaches throughout the week and some will do their best to provide updates which we’ll then post here.  Expect them to start flowing in soon.
  • Jean-Levy Champagne looks hulkier than he did in Prague.

I hope you enjoy our Nationals coverage; we’re in a beautiful city with wonderful players and volunteers.  I can’t wait to start playing.