The Windmill Windup

Those of you who have been keeping their ears to the ground will have heard about it. A small event in Amsterdam that grew out to be the biggest grass tournament in Europe. And that, mind you, in only six years time.

The Windmill Windup boasts an open, women and mixed division – competitive ultimate and great off the field antics. The 2010 edition that was held last weekend hosted 78 participating teams, with roughly 1200 players attending.

The popularity of the Windmill continues to grow amongst it’s enthusiastic visitors who enjoyed three days of great ultimate, and such extras as a gigantic tipi to watch World Cup games in, a dunktank, a pubquiz, a beerrace, a hucking competition, live acts and many, many more shenanigans. All of this built on great facilities, including a gigantic tent city, lots of toilets, showers and toilet paper, great food for low prices and the most lush fields imaginable.

And of course, a seven meter elephant.

The Windmill Windup results also provides nice insight into the form of some of the European WUCC teams. With roughly three weeks left to Worlds there are no real upsets in the Open and Womens division. Most teams have finished in the same order as their Worlds seeding. In the mixed division however, there where some surprises.

The mixed team with the highest Worlds ranking, Sugar-Mix (Germany, 9th seed) had to settle for third place this weekend. Windmills winner Jeremy Codhand (UK, 15th seed) and runner up Gronical Dizziness (Netherlands, 19th seed) apparently didn’t care for the WUCC picking order.
A special mention also has to go out to the Red Lights (Netherlands) who are seeded 12th out of 16 in the WUCC Masters division. They took a respectable 9th place in the Windmill Open division.

All in all WW2010 was a weekend of intense ultimate and wicked fun. There was always something going on to keep everyone occupied and entertained.
This is one event that will soon make the wish list of ultimate players around the world. My tip? Keep your agenda open for 10-12 June, 2011.

2 thoughts on “The Windmill Windup

  1. Nothing about the two Swiss teams battling it out for the championship in the Open division? The Flying Angels from Bern took the final over Freespeed from Basel. Both will also be heading to WUCC.

  2. Yeah true! They finished according to their relative seeding though – with FAB being the highest Open WUCC seed attending Windmill. Regardless that was an amazing final showcasing the talent and lust for the disc that both teams have. Had to miss the womens final unfortunately, but according to eye-witnesses it was hard fought as well!

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