Preview: GB 2010

There are few tournaments+parties that I label as EPIC and Gender Blender (GB) is one of them. Unlike most tournaments where the Saturday night party leaves players aching on Sunday; GB’s Friday night party leaves party participants in recovery for weeks.

In case you’re still in the dark about what GB is then here’s a video by Steve and the Blockstack.TV crew on GB 2009:


Going over the list of teams the usual troublemakers are present with our friends from Sudbury, SLAG, at the top of the list with the first bid (note, not first seed) for GB 2010. Paul (captain of SLAG) has indicated that he will probably be drunk and passed out by 1030 AM on Friday. He should be awake by the time I hit the fields…I hope…he has to drink the beer that I’m bringing for him.

Perennial favourites BCP have changed their name to Banana Cream Pussy Pie and should be the strong team that they are every year (BCP has won in 2007 and 2009 and I believe they’ve been in the finals since 2006). BCP always collects for charity and have also had many of the organizers on their roster. BCP should be considered the home team even though there aren’t any teams from Fergus or Elora at GB.

While local teams are well represented several teams from out of country are making the long trek to Fergus. Regular attendees (and friends) from Chicago will be in full attendance. Kit Faragher Spirit award winners from 2009, BANANAS, are back this year and a personal favourite. In 2007 I played with many of the Chicago players at GB and then went on to attend my first Paganello with them. If it wasn’t for those players accepting me as a sub I wouldn’t have known about Paganello and this site wouldn’t exist.

Old regulars, The Bad Larrys, continue to be in attendance while old regulars Gang Green seem to have disappeared. In 2008 Gang Green were (allegedly as I can neither confirm nor deny this incident) setting off (LOUD) fireworks every few minutes from Friday night until daybreak on Saturday. GG was also famous for the boat races on their ATV converted to a tank that once took two hours to travel 10 feet and left several campsites littered with inebriated racers.


While GB is primarily a party tournament and there is a wide disparity between the top (partially sober) teams and the rest (s**t-faced) of the teams the cream of Ontario Ultimate will be in attendance. Nationals contenders Big Hammers, MuD, BCP, Druid, Zen Asylum, Big Fish, and Disc Graceful will be in attendance. Members of Mayhem and Tundra will be distributed amongst several teams and will likely not make a run at the top 4 on Sunday.

If history is any indicator then we’re likely to see a Big Hammers vs BCP final for the third year in a row.


Mexican Party Bus is composed of players that play in an Acapulco Ultimate and Beach Ultimate tournament. The players will be meeting again 3510 km (2181 miles) from Acapulco but that’s not nearly the most impressive reunion. The most impressive cake goes to…me…and two ladies. Well, more properly to the ladies but since they’re teammates the actual reunion prize goes to the three of us.

You’ll probably remember my trip to Boracay and the Philippines last year and it turns out that Steph and Megs (Short Spice) will be at GB!! We shall meet again 13192 km (8198 miles) from ACBU and Manila Spirits. I’m quite excited and look forward to seeing them again. For me that’s what really makes it worth going to a tournament: meeting old friends and making new ones.

Stay tuned for coverage and watch the Twitter feed (you don’t have to sign up to view the feed) for live updates and photos.