History of the WORLD!

Is it just me or do amazing ultimate websites just continue to pop up everywhere? This site I stumbled upon might just be one of the most incredible feats yet!

The most extensive collection of ultimate national team results anywhere!

A fantastic Fin called Hartti has dedicated himself to a greater cause. He has been working to compile an online database of all the results of national teams of ultimate – EVER. Yes, that includes rosters, scores, results, the whole shebang.

The project is still work in progress, but madly impressive as it is.

Check it all out here: National Teams of Ultimate

It’s is definitely worth a look. And while you’re at it, have a peek at Get Horizontal: the sweet blog of Belgian player Bommie. He got the scoop on this one and has the endorsement letter of WFDF president Jonathan Potts up there too.

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