DVD Review: “Play Ultimate Better: The Basics”

Rob of UltimateRob.com was kind enough to send me a copy of his DVD entitled “Play Ultimate Better: The Basics”.  Read on for the review of what the DVD can offer you.

Simply a collection of videos the Rob has shot over the last few years the DVD arranges them into six categories:  General Throwing, Other Throwing, Throwing Drills, Hucking, Pulling, and Catching.  Each section consists of a few videos where Rob explains the general idea of what’s he’s trying to accomplish and how he does it.  There’s quite a bit of talking in front of a camera with a disc and in this way you get your own personal coach which is what Rob is.

Rob tends to explain the importance of how and why you should do something a certain way and that comes from years of studying how to throw (you’ll notice that 5 out of 6 topic are about throwing).  While it may seem tedious each video is a lesson unto itself that can be viewed and put into practice immediately.  The value of the DVD will come from viewing in parts over several months rather than attempting to do all of it at once.  In that way the DVD lets the viewer down without providing direction as to how to consume the content.  Perhaps in the next release we’ll find a lesson plan to assist players.

While it may seem that this DVD is only for beginners any player that doesn’t play at a National level (being on a National level team doesn’t mean you can play at that level) will find value in it.  If you’re a beginner you need coaching and this DVD will provide plenty of information on the mechanics and minutia of throwing.  Intermediate players will be able to use the DVD to directly address issues in their throws.  Presently lacking for players are the variety of drills that make players better throwers.  There are plenty of examples on how to perform an action and where power or control comes from but there are few drills that are demonstrated to practice an action.

Technically speaking the DVD has both 16:9 and 4:3 video with volume levels generally around the same level.  The menus are simple and easy to use allowing quick access of each section.  A few of the videos are 16:9 squeezed into a 4:3 aspect ratio which shouldn’t bother most viewers and doesn’t take away from the content.

“Play Ultimate Better: The Basics” is a good first effort in what I hope will be a series of coaching tools released by Rob and is an excellent reference for new to intermediate players.

Buy the DVD directly from the UltimateRob website:  http://www.ultimaterob.com/the-basics/

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