Cleveland Day 1 Quick Recap

It’s tough playing a tournament with 10 guys.  It’s even harder playing it in the heat against teams that are well oiled machines.

This is a quick recap of Day 1:
We (Too Bad) lost our games today and are tired…very tired.
Maverick beat the top seed in the tournament.
ROY played well and almost beat Madcow X (one of the tryout teams).
Otherwise uneventful.

Plenty of photos coming.

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2 thoughts on “Cleveland Day 1 Quick Recap

  1. Hey Tushar, I noticed Maverick also beat Madison in the 5th place game. Was Madison at full strength, or was this a tryout team? For Maverick to beat a UPA Finals team twice in tournament is very impressive.

  2. Allo Jeff!
    It was a tryout team and the fifth place game was defaulted by Madison as they had a long drive back (Maverick was fully prepped to play).
    The top seeded teams at the tournament were tryout teams.

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