A new beginning

Today, I quit my job.

That’s not a joke folks, I truly and seriously quit my job and it was hard to do.  For the past 5 years and 9.5 months I’ve worked as a Software Engineer at a fantastic company by the name of Kaleidescape.  I worked on some pretty intense and serious stuff which has blended well with the focus I’ve brought to Ultimate.

As I’ve played more Ultimate I realize that I need to spend more time doing what I love.  I love Ultimate and I believe that if I dedicate a few more hours to it each week I can contribute immensely to our sport.  Starting today I’m taking small steps and entering the research and design phase for two pieces of software that I’ve discussed with a few people like Christian of FFindr and Blue of The Ultimate Experience.  Both of the aforementioned gentlemen spend most of their lives working to make Ultimate better and it’s a spirit that resonates with me.

So what’s the plan?  Things won’t suddenly and magically appear as there will be a long spin to get both pieces of software working as well as working well on a variety of devices (yes, handheld devices are planned for).  Aside from the software life will be pretty busy with getting ready for Nationals (where I’ll be assisting in streaming Nationals) as well as for both Paganello (Beach Club Worlds) and Beach Country Worlds in 2011 (both in Italy).  Life is full of Ultimate and I plan on taking full advantage of it.

For now though, I have to prep for the first leg of my journey:  To Prague!

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I like to travel the world, looking for Ultimate, pushing myself to become a better player. I study strategy every moment I get and realize my faults. I am Fast, I am Passionate, I am Ultimate.

4 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. I’m jealous. Best of luck Tushar, the rest of us can only benefit from your work.

  2. tushar id love to be a part of your new project. i talked to linky once about some stuff you were thinking about and got really interested. wondering if its the same stuff. would love to hear what youre up to

    have fun at worlds

    • Thanks Mooney,
      It’s very much the same stuff and I should have a presentation of the vision put together for when I return for you to look over.

  3. cool. would love to see what you have came up with
    good luck at worlds!

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