TUF…and back…

Thanks to all those that tuned in to watch the live feed that TSSC and IAmUltimate.com broadcast this weekend.

It was an interesting couple of days with few surprises and upsets.

The Women’s Final featured Lotus (Capitals) and Storm with Lotus winning a reasonably close game 12-8.  Both teams look strong heading to Prague with Storm showing that they’re a force to be reckoned with.  Stella defeated PPF for third place in a tight finals that went to Universe point.

In Mixed Big Hammers took on Mayhem who had barely squeaked into the top 8.  The pool play match between the two ended in a tie on Saturday.  All eyes were on MuD who entered Sunday as the first seed (up from 8th) but a defeat to Mayhem in the semis setup a rematch against MONSTER for third.  On the second time around MONSTER prevailed and finished third.  In the finals Mayhem jumped out to a large lead that was 10-1 at one point.  Five minutes from the end Big Hammers showed signs of life but Mayhem played the time game and won on hard cap (14-5, I think).

The Open finals featured GOAT vs Phoenix.  The performance by both teams in the showcase games were far removed from the high level of play that we’ve been accustomed to and the finals did much to satiate our appetite.  The energy that Phoenix brought electrified even the partisan crowd.  GOAT played a steady game but as Mooney was heard to say:  “I’m still a bit stiff, I haven’t warmed up yet” I couldn’t help but think that GOAT expected the game to be a simple win; unfortunately, it was.  For all the amazing breaks, layout Ds, full field hucks, and precision passing that Phoenix brought GOAT pulled away easily from the beginning to win 10-3.  Spectators were heard mumbling:  “No wonder they don’t go to Nationals.”

I’ll be working over the next little bit to bring as many games that were filmed to the site in some form or other.

Also, for those that care and those that were on the scene.  The gentleman that the ambulance was called for is doing well.  Within two hours of the call we chatted with him on the phone and several of our teammates have seen him in person.

7 thoughts on “TUF…and back…

  1. You ROCK Tushar!
    Thanks so much for setting up and committing your efforts to this site.
    It is so great to have this forum available to us.
    Thanks again!

  2. when will we be able to watch the footage of all the games you filmed? by the way, i will join in with the others in thanking you for all your hard work and dedication. Well done Tushar and thanks for the update on your teammate. Im glad to hear everything is alright and he is doing fine.

    • I’ll be posting all the viewable footage after I sift through all of it. Most of Saturday is unusable due to the weather and our angle.
      Sunday is better but clips will be edited together to provide the most complete view possible.

      We’ll get better at this as we film more and head to more tournaments.

  3. How are you going to edit around that horrible Sunday coverage of the Lotus-Storm game? That’s what you get for taking pictures…

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