World Games 2013 – Cali, Colombia

In the 2013 the World Games will be held in Cali, Colombia.  In itself the location is exciting and one question immediately springs to mind:

Given the strong Ultimate program in Colombia and strong Open team are we likely to find Open and Women’s divisions at World Games or will it continue to be a single Mixed division?

I think I need to ask WFDF the above question.

3 thoughts on “World Games 2013 – Cali, Colombia

  1. It is not WFDF’s decision how many Flying Disc athletes may participate at The World Games. I don’t see the numbers to rise enough to accommodate two divisions. The question of Mixed OR Open OR Womens has been debated many times by WFDF and the reasons for Mixed have been so strong, that Chinese Taipei had to set up a program to introduce Mixed Ultimate to the country. Columbia should be able to do that, too.

    • While not their decision they can certainly influence it. Is it time for the number of divisions to grow?

      • In 2001 IWGA and/or the local organising committee only allowed 60 athletes for Ultimate. I.e. teams were made up of 10 players. In 2005 ist was 11 players and in 2009 13. I see some influence there, but is it enough for a secod division any time soon? Something within IWGA has to change dramtically before that happens. After all, World Games have around 3000 athletes all together and each sport is trying to get more participants in.

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