Weekly updates

It would be rude of me to not update all y’all on going ons in the world.  Here are things that I have heard over the last week and have discovered:

  • Rimini is warm…right now.  Those of you that are heading to Paganello would be advised to warm at least one piece of gear that’ll keep you warm and dry.  My friends here tell me that rain is expected as of Saturday and that there may be a light rain on Thursday evening at the Welcome Party.  It is important to note that weather in this part of the world at this time of the year is volatile as the winds are changing ahead of summer.
  • Cotequila will not be participating in the Mixed division as the gents have decided to play on Cota Gold.  Cotarica Grandes may hold the higher position ahead of Gold but it’s likely that both teams will finish top 8.  It’ll be a mixed result for them regardless as the youth show some inconsistency while the elders (Gold) lack complete cohesion.  Stay alert as both teams have players that have played together for years and great chemistry when the correct lines are on.
  • I still don’t know when Regionals for Ontario will be.  When I have an update I will let all local teams know immediately.
  • Paganello has moved about 1km down the beach and is now from Beach 29 and up.
  • Maverick (formerly Medicare) will have tryouts on May 1st (as well as other dates); sign up here: http://www.maverickultimate.com/tryout-sign-up-form
  • The beach is soft, the sand is warm, life is great.