U23 Interested Countries

The first deadline has passed for the WFDF U23 tournament and a list of interested countries is now available.

It appears that there will be representation from every continent aside from Africa (we’ll need to work on this).


  1. Italy (hosts)
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Finland
  6. Germany
  7. GB
  8. Ireland
  9. Latvia
  10. Poland
  11. Russia
  12. Slovakia
  13. Sweden
  14. Switzerland


  1. Canada
  2. Colombia


  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand


  1. Japan

In addition all the remaining registration deadlines have been pushed back by at least 15 days as the tournament arranges for accommodation.

Please note that the above lists are countries that have expressed interest in attending the tournament.  By expressing interest they’re not locked into send any teams but rather are working on determining how many they can send.

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2 thoughts on “U23 Interested Countries

  1. It´s Colombia not Columbia and the continent is America, witoout the ´s´.
    America is not US name!!!!
    Good vibes!=)

    • Sorry about the name, it was a copy and paste from the source.
      However, North America and South America are separate continents so I believe “Americas” is appropriate.

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