Phoenix Prague Roster

Thank you to Jamie for providing the Phoenix roster as selected for Phoenix.  Unlike many teams Phoenix hasn’t changed much from their CUC 2009 roster.

  • Jamie Craig (C)
  • Andrew Corey (C)
  • Derek Alexander (C)
  • Kenneth Alexander
  • William Alexander
  • Jonathan Haig
  • Ewan Reid
  • Reynaldo Arteaga
  • Mathew Goodkey
  • Robert Schmidt
  • Sebastian Bell
  • Brent Gerhart
  • Dan Turcotte
  • Ramsey Wright
  • Matthew Cole
  • Colin Froats
  • Aaron Kucherawy
  • Joel Bellavance
  • Ryan Bauer
  • Bryce Ring
  • Mathew Berg
  • Kielan Way
  • Sean Harkins
  • Luke Phelan
  • Paul Cobb
  • Neal Dawson
  • Scott Westwell
  • Karl-Frederick Loiseau

This is a young and fit team with plenty of experience; how will they fare against Australia and the UK?  Where do they expect to finish?  Perhaps you’ll find out in a future post.

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