The return

Ladies, ladies, and some gents.  I am returned.  I am recuperating from what was essentially two weeks of being awake with some sleep breaks.

Photos and video to follow but in short:  Boracay Dragons (and company) are the most hospitable hosts _ever_.

3 thoughts on “The return

  1. Tush!! I am disappointed, you said every mad thing we did would be recorded here!! Now that i know it was just an idle threat i will be able to get REALLY crazy with you next time!! It was great meeting and playing with you. xox

    • Short Spice (Circus)!! I apologize, can you believe that I’m still jet lagged? That’s what a 12 hour time difference will do to you combined with a cold and partying with you crazy Aussies.
      Don’t worry, everything that I can remember from the Magic Bus to you and Stephanie dancing in your bras on the top of boxes at Summer Place will be revealed.

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