Day 1…what?

Day one has finished itself off quite wonderfully and here I am in bed typing up a few words.  While I ran hard today and am tired right now I know that tomorrow I will bring yet more energy to the game, more speed, more intensity because that’s what my team needs and deserves.

However, there’s something you deserve.  A quick recap of the day; here are some things off of the top of my head:

  • Liquid starts down 6-1 against MONSTER.  Puts a zone on (…a monster) when the wind kicks up and manages to tie it at 8-8.  Both teams then play man and trade points until Liquid gets a couple breaks to win 15-12.  Teams are surprised when I mention this.
  • Too Bad holds seed with no upsets.  Loses to Blackfish…interesting game that will fit into a later post I have about this game we play.
  • Stella holds onto a lead against Lotus until late in their game at which point Lotus dials it in and squeaks out a victory.
  • I saw many of my friends, old friends, new friends, and some of the ladies of Super Hot Pot (from Paganello).
  • Gecko upsets TFP; is this a ploy  on TFP’s part?  I suspect that it’s a hard fought win.
  • ONYX also upsets Pyschoplastique to take first seed in their pool.
  • New baby Mackie is a darling little baby.
  • DiscGraceful has three close loses that end their shot at the top 8.
  • Karma (16th seed Toronto team) shows strength in their core fundamentals by beating Demon but is still relegated on point differential (Demon beat Sofa Kings).  I expect a top 12 finish from this team, they will contest for top 10.
  • It was a hot day.
  • I am falling asleep.
  • I will be at the fields early again to Tweet some top games.