CUC 2009 – Results

I just checked around and we didn’t really post who had won so here they are, the Canadian Ultimate Champions of 2009 (in the order that they became Champions):

  • Masters:  GLUM (Ottawa (and a few Toronto players))
  • Juniors:  Blackout (Vancouver)
  • Open:  Mephisto (Montreal)
  • Mixed:  CHAOS (Winnipeg)
  • Women’s:  Lotus (Toronto)

Tournament recaps forthcoming.

5 thoughts on “CUC 2009 – Results

  1. were you able to record the finals for our later viewing pleasure in the end? i hear the live streaming was a great success :-)

    • Ha! Congrats on being a Champion.

      When will you have time for a movie night?

      All three finals will eventually make their way online for free viewing.

  2. Where can we see the 2009 CUC video of the finals?

    thanks, Philippe

  3. I thought I heard someone on the broadcast say you might be making the ending of the Open game available to view somewhere. If so where would that be?

    just read the above posts, so never mind…. Looking forward to seeing them when you have time.
    Again Tushar, awesome job! So glad YOU were there to be able to share with us.

    Many Thanks,

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