CUC 2009: Open Finals

During our live broadcast the server first went down at the end of the Open game (I could feel the frustration).  Here is the end of that game to all those that missed it.

Mephisto in black, Phoenix in white.

[flv: 400 320]

Sorry, no iPhone version this time around.

10 thoughts on “CUC 2009: Open Finals

  1. OK Rahil, forget having my children, number 20 is Rob Gillis! Givin my boy a bad name for that drop!! Have your own children!!

  2. Oops.

    My bad. At that point the list of numbers had disappeared. My apologies to both Nicolas and Rob.

    Berens. You scare me.

  3. Hi,

    I teach ultimate in CEGEP and I would like to use this video as a assignement for my students. Is it possible to leave the video accessible on the website so I can use it for teaching ressources.

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for posting this guys. great job! Will you be posting other coverage as well? (Womens/Mixed/Masters?) Missed the feeds over the weekend and would love to see them!

  5. Hi Larry,

    We may eventually post more videos and/or clips but for now watch for the CUC 2009 group to release DVDs.

  6. Just a brilliant piece of finals action. Hats off to both teams….just amazing.

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