CUC 2009 – Live

Apologies for technical delays, we’re getting far more viewers than expected.

Thanks for watching.

33 thoughts on “CUC 2009 – Live

  1. I can’t see the image, there’s a black screen… I’m connected for almost 10 minutes to you site. Is it normal?


  2. Constant black screen? Press reload. waiting for stream over here. Anything different I should be doing? I am actually a member of Phoenix and am missing the tournament because of a wedding. This is a must watch for me!

  3. only getting a black screen…. game has started. I’ve tried all browsers (explorer, chrome & mozilla). anyone else got it working?

  4. Shaggy and Chambers played together on the Masters team 2004 that won silver in Turku, Finland

  5. Tech help? I’ve been getting “Black screen? please reload.” on the left of screen and “waiting for stream…” on the right of screen for 20 minutes… tried reloading several times, no luck.

    Running FF3.5.2, using NoScript but have allowed everything… also tried viewing in IETab, same result…

  6. I can see the score but the screen is black, says it’s waiting to stream. Are you broadcasting live?

  7. Anyone else having no stream coming through just keeps saying “waiting for stream”? or “connecting”

  8. FYI: I can see the score but no pic still. Can you put more tweets out so we can get a sense of the action?

  9. What is the score presently (MIXED) If i can’t connect I would like to know the score ;)


  10. Awesome to be watching this live (finally!). Thanks so much for posting!!

  11. Great job to everyone that was involved in bringing this feed to all of us. Much appreciated.

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