Alright alright…

I’ll post already!  Thanks for all the feedback about the broadcast last weekend (thanks to Trainor for making it go quite smoothly) as well as comments on the blog/blag in general.  Now then, what’s to be said about this upcoming weekend?  Mixed Up is on and Steven Trainor has coverage on his blog.

I’ve decided to take a break this weekend and will instead work on fitness, some flying time, and some much needed work so that I may find the spare time to work on the broadcast system ahead of Nationals (yes, it’s likely that you’ll be able to watch the finals of Nationals live on here).

This is turning out to be a boring post so I’ll give you my thoughts on Mixed Up and the NY Invite.

The big news at Mixed Up will be the inevitable showdowns between Liquid and the two Quebec teams (ONYX and RIP).  In addition there’s a Mixed team from the US that’s visiting that might take the show (there’s an amazing player from Too Bad on that Mixed team) but they might be a bit inconsistent this early in the season.

My main concern, though, is with how well Tundra and BFC will perform.  I am personally frustrated with the performance of both teams and the frustration the teams are experiencing internally is evident.  Will both the teams start to gel?  Will they figure out their lines?  Will they gain some confidence ahead of Nationals?  These important questions will be answered this weekend.

Hopefully a rematch between Liquid and RIP is much closer than their meeting at TUF where a few poor handler decisions gave the game to Liquid.  Surprisingly ONYX has not improved as much as RIP (as per Quebec Regionals results) and it’s likely that RIP will maintain their dominance throughout the tournament.  Regardless, it will be exciting.

Liquid players to keep an eye on (aside from the whole team…and the players that Trainor is enamoured with):  Matt (former captain, a monster in the air), Hyatt (played BFC in 2007 when they made it to finals), Mandy (veteran striker), Blue (played Mayhem previously), Nick (young and fresh with tons of speed), and Brae (very fast lady).  As I’ve mentioned in prior publications the speed and athleticism that Liquid has brought this year makes them a very dangerous team.

Onto NY Invite.  Why is it important?  Both Phoenix and Mephisto are heading there and the results should impact how Nationals are seeded for Ontario and Quebec which impacts every team from the East in overall seeding.  Mephisto is likely to take the higher seeding and one hopes that they work through their frustrations and finish well in comparison to their disastrous (as some liken it) Boston Invite outing.

That’s all that’s up this weekend in our part of the world.  Swedish Nationals are underway as well and I’ll try and get results soon.

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  1. Hey Tushar, will you be broadcasting Saturday finals from Winnipeg as well?

    • I’m considering it. If I’m not playing then I’ll fire the laptop up at the fields and see what I can do (provided I have power and so forth).

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