I’m in Detroit for a wedding before I head to Cleveland for No Surf and it feels almost like a ghost town.

On the way in I was asked by the border guard what Ultimate Frisbee was and where my dog was.  I tried to hide my disappointment but what resulted was a five minute Q&A about what Ultimate was, whether I play for money, what size the disc is, where I’ve played before, what playing on beach is like, and a bit of history on the sport in the US.  People are naturally curious and it would have been all too easy to blow off the border guard but given the opportunity to discuss Ultimate with somebody that was open minded was more important than driving down desolate Michigan Avenue.

Driving in this town is a strange experience.  Pockets of commerce still survive but the slow slide begun in the 60s is evident on every corner.  Strange sobriety; I’ll be glad to get to Cleveland.

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I like to travel the world, looking for Ultimate, pushing myself to become a better player. I study strategy every moment I get and realize my faults. I am Fast, I am Passionate, I am Ultimate.

1 thought on “Stunning

  1. The border guards are just looking to ask you questions about something to make sure it’s not an act. They do this about everything, so I wouldn’t worry about it being a slight to the game. I’ve heard them ask some of the dumbest questions. Again, the point isn’t to ask smart questions, it’s to get you to answer them.

    Hope you had a good trip!


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