Zen 2009 Roster

Unofficial roster for 2009.

Amy Hunt
Amy Paskewich
Bonnie Ketcheson
Eileen Nicolle
Erin Dempster
Kat Child
Laura Levin
Lucy Zhao
Nancy Shaddick
Sandra Seepaul-Lee
Shiovean Woods

Aaron Carveth
Blue McClellan
Chris Loat
Christian Parsons
Dan Thomson
Diego Garzon
Gary Paskewich
Greg Schmidt
Gui Palias
Kevin Lynch
Manny Belliveau
Shawn Lee
Wayne Moyer

As you can see there are plenty of lady subs and Zen is very serious about it’s developmental nature with quite a few strong players.

In 2008 the game to go match was between Tundra and Zen.  This year with Big Hammers disbanding and six spots still available to CUC, Zen will be at Nationals.  Preview of Regionals games this weekend where Zen will play The Company and Crisis at May Day in Waterloo.  The three aforementioned teams will be fighting for the fifth and sixth bids along with Big Fish.