OUC 2015 – Mixed Preview

Number of teams: 13
Number of bids: 6

Teams along with their seed:

  1. Union (GTA)
  2. Raft (National Capital Region)
  3. Backdraft (Durham Region)
  4. Crash (Waterloo Region)
  5. Local613 (Kingston)
  6. NoBS (GTA)
  7. Force (Barrie)
  8. The Grind (GTA)
  9. Zen (GTA)
  10. Legendairy (Port Perry)
  11. Skerj (Hamilton)
  12. MMV (GTA)
  13. Rising Tide (Durham Region)

Do you like the Ontario Mixed Division? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here. It provides everything that a spectator could want: action, uncertainty, mixed results, and a chance to see how poor a certain writer’s predictions will be.

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OUC 2015 – Women’s Masters Preview

Number of teams: 2
Number of bids to CUC: 2

Teams along with their seed:

  1. Terra (GTA)
  2. Eclipse (Ottawa)

In the third year of the Women’s Masters division in CUC we have 7 teams vying to represent Canada. Two of those teams are out of Ontario with Terra from south western Ontario and Eclipse from the National Capital region. Both teams shall qualify for CUC.

The rosters of each team show strong players and well known names who have represented Canada at the International level and will likely do so next year as well. They’ll have a tough battle at CUC as the division is likely to be a single pool with round robin play determining seed into the semis.

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OUC 2015 – Open Preview

Number of teams: 10
Number of bids to CUC: 6

Teams along with their seed:

  1. GOAT (GTA)
  2. Phoenix (Ottawa)
  3. Grand Trunk (GTA)
  4. NADS (North Bay)
  5. Too Bad (GTA)
  6. Maverick (Waterloo Region)
  7. BOAT (GTA)
  8. Shrike (Ottawa)
  9. Goose (Waterloo Region)
  10. Swift (Ottawa)

Now, onto the details and the bold predictions. GOAT, known primarily as the team that plays in the US, shall play in their first tournament north of the border in over 3 years (fact checking may be needed here). Seriously though, they’re guaranteed a spot going to CUC barring a catastrophe. They’re not necessarily guaranteed first as they could turn up with a short roster like they did at the US Open. Of course, at the US Open they beat a few above average teams like Johnny Bravo (2014 US Club Champions) with that short roster so perhaps they’ll take the first and second seed just because they can.

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OUC 2015 – Women’s Preview

Number of teams: 5
Number of bids: 4

Teams along with their seed:

  1. Stella A (Ottawa)
  2. Lotus (Toronto)
  3. PPF (Waterloo Region)
  4. Stella B (Ottawa)
  5. Lily (Toronto)

CUC 2015 features an expanded Women’s division with 16 teams (finally!) and due to how well Ontario has performed they have 5 bids to CUC (quick note: Québec also has 5 as they too have a strong Women’s program). You’ll notice that there are 4 bids stated at the to of this post. Capitals earn an automatic bid to CUC, as per rule 3.2.6, as they’ll be attending a tournament in the US that conflicts with Regionals.

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What a weekend!

This weekend featured many an exciting tournament. By far the most important was the 2015 US Open in its 4th year running with 3 nationalities in the finals. I remember speaking with Dr. Tom Crawford in Club Nationals in 2011 where he expressed the desire for the US Open to be a premier event, USA Ultimate has achieved that goal.


The Women’s final featured a familiar matchup between Riot and Fury with the two having met many times over not only the last millennia but also in pool play where Riot, current World Champions, won 15-10. With both teams finishing at the top of Pool B they headed into the semi finals against tough opponents. Brute Squad, from Boston, had won Pool A 5-0 after having upset Scandal, current US Club Champions, 13-12 and then tested Fury in their semis matchup. Fury prevailed 15-13 and headed into the finals.

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OUC 2015 Importance

WUGC 2016 shall be held at the UCL sports fields in St. Albans, England (this is also where U23s are being held this year) which makes the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC), in Winnipeg, all the more exciting and interesting. In case you, the newcomer, didn’t already know: the winner of each division forms four out of five members of the selection committee for that division. As a result the winning team tends to have many of their members on the national squad.

Other players are not excluded as the national roster tends to pickup the best from across Canada. Typically the teams are composed primarily of players from Ontario and British Columbia and tend to be from Toronto or Vancouver. There are also pickups and they tend to be elite players from their own club teams that were defeated by the champion along the way.

What makes OUC 2015 so important is that in every division one of the top two teams is from Ontario. Which makes this the starting point for each of these in their journey to, almost certainly, the Championship game at CUC. Each of the favorites in each division will be looking, should they win, for pickups and that makes OUC and CUC a place to make an impression.

Perhaps more important to those players are not yet National team calibre is that this year is the most competitive ever. Every region in Canada is sending their best teams and competition to get into CUC and then at CUC shall be better than ever. This isn’t an off year like 2014, 2012, 2010 where the best teams in the country decide to attend other tournaments. This is the most important competition and you’ll see teams like Capitals, Traffic, TFP, Union, GOAT, and Furious competing to represent their country. Each game is do or die for them and shall be taken very seriously. As an opponent to those teams you should relish the experience and set a benchmark that you can strive towards.

In general I hope that teams attending all of the Regionals qualifiers shall test the strongest teams out of each region. By doing so each of the teams shall continue to develop Canadian Ultimate and develop the next generation of elite players.

There’s more to write about and I’m going to work on OUC previews, stay tuned over the next week for more.